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Our plan for delivering outstanding Digital Health & Care


Phase 1.1

Stabilise population health management processes

Phase 1.2

Agreed approach to developing outcome measures

Phase 1.3

Build on Track & Trace technologies for future health and care benefit

Phase 2.3

Create the Digital Health & Care People Senate

Phase 2.2

Establish the Notts Health & Care Analytics Collaborative

Phase 2.1

System digital transformation delivered by the Notts Digital Collaborative

Phase 3.1

Create a digital design authority mechanism

Phase 3.2

Create a workforce plan for digital specialists

Phase 3.3

Establish sustainable digital investment at system level


Phase 1.1

Digital contact becomes the default route for the public to engage

Phase 1.2

Create an augmented intelligence solution for care design

Phase 2.1

Integrated health & care digital records and technologies deployed

Phase 3.2

Increase investment in digital as per 5 year Plan with 3x return

Phase 3.1

Build common service platforms to exploit integration

Phase 2.2

Integrated health & care analytics technologies deployed


Phase 1

Personalised health & care services designed for our population

Phase 2

Health & care service provision fully exploits digital services e.g. EPR

Phase 3

Affordable and sustainable digital care delivered across the ICS