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Case Study

Positive outcomes for Ivy Medical Group patients and staff when using the Online Consultation triage system.

Recent analysis by the Ivy Medical Group shows the positive impact of using the online consultations triage system for patients and practice staff. 

Using Accurx Patient Triage, all telephone, desk or online enquiries and requests for appointments are now directed through a single triage system. This removes the ‘8am telephone rush’ and associated pressure for both patients and the reception team.

All requests are processed through the same system, enabling the reception team to triage appropriately and more fairly.

Positive impact for patients

In-person GP appointments are allocated upon clinical need rather than being the first person in the telephone queue, whilst other patients could receive telephone appointments. There’s early anecdotal evidence that this process has enabled earlier interventions for specialist referrals.
Overall, recent patient feedback has been positive:
“Better than calling and holding until someone can answer.”
“Great for quick questions that would otherwise takes ages on the phone.”
“I’m really pleased with the new system. Thanks for taking on board patient’s thoughts and creating a more workable solution for patient care.”

Positive impact for practice staff

The new triage system has had a positive impact for the practice team as well as patients. Team morale has already improved, with reduced anxiety and a confidence that the new system provides a better patient experience.
“Even though the new system has only been in place for a short time, online triage has already had a positive impact on the team.”
“Staff morale has improved as they are able to prioritise patients appropriately. The team are less stressed as the early morning telephone pressure has been reduced. We’re able to do our jobs more effectively which is great for everyone involved!”
Melanie Maddock
Practice Manager at Ivy Medical Group

The introduction of triaging of online consultations has:

  • enabled more requests to be triaged,
  • quicker referrals to the relevant clinical professional,
  • freed up GP in-person appointments for those who really need them.

The Ivy Medical Group are still able to accommodate nearly 90% of their appointments face-to-face. This is +7% higher than the local average within their PCN, and almost 17% higher than the national average.

To find out more how Online Consultations can help your practice, contact Kathryn Markham at Digital Notts email