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The Digital Notts Strategy

Harnessing the power of Data, Analytics, Information and Technology (DAIT)

The health and social care needs of our population are changing. Across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, there are more people living longer in ill health with complex needs, unprecedented levels of demand for care and support, workforce shortages and ever increasing funding constraints.

In response, Digital Notts aims to use new digital infrastructure and technologies to address the challenges head on and as a result, improve health and care services across our region.

Digital and social inclusion


The key challenges to be addressed by the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated
Care System (ICS) can be grouped and broken down into three components:


Health and Welbeing


Service Provision


Resource Utilisation

• More people are living longer in ill health
• Deprived communities have the greatest exposure to factors that adversely impact on their health
• COVID-19 has potentially widened the health inequalities gap


If we get this right...

As a citizen living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire this means:

  • We will support our population by providing them with the skills, training and tools to access digital health and care services in order to empower and enable them to manage their health and care and reduce health inequalities and social isolation
  • We will not worsen digital inequalities; we will work to reduce them
  • We will provide our population with public-facing digital health and care services to enable them to access health and care services digitally from a single trusted place and provide them with the information they need about their health and care and community services
  • We will reduce the number of times people have to repeat themselves to health and care services – by making the right information available at the right time.

• Current services have been set-up to help sick people get well (often in a hospital setting)
• Does not routinely and systematically identify and support people with ongoing needs
• Does not use digital services well in health and care


If we get this right...

As person receiving support from our health and care system:

  • You will be able to communicate with health and care professionals through a single secure application, the NHS App. You will be provided with a range of information and online services to support the delivery of your health and care services
  • We will improve how we proactively identify the health and care needs of our population in order to identify and put in place support and treatment that our population needs in order to stay well
  • Your data is captured by electronic health and care systems which will be interoperable to make clinical information visible to professionals and service users where required. Information will be held and moved safely with regular testing to ensure that the systems are secure.

• Increasing vacancies in health and care workforce
• Ageing estate with high maintenance backlogs
• Significant financial deficit forecast over the next 5yrs, underpinned by recurrent deficit, non-delivery of savings plans and increasing activity/demand

If we get this right...

As a person working in our health and care system:

  • We will provide support and training to our health and care professionals to develop the skills that they need to use digital technology in order to enable them to undertake their job to the best of their ability
  • All health and care professionals will have the right tools to do their job and will be supported by digital infrastructure to deliver services in any of our buildings, community and people’s homes
  • We will provide the people involved in providing health and care with the information they need in one place to enable them to provide the most appropriate health and care to our population.

Our starting and end points

The digital context

* Connected Nottinghamshire public engagement and research [2018]. Insights gathered pre Covid-19 with Board commitment to re-evaluation of position post Covid-19
** Information Source NHS App [June 2020]

The DDaT strategy

We have developed our definition of Digital, Analytics, Information and Technology (DAIT) from Gartner – the well-respected global digital research company. The diagram below demonstrates this in a business context – using technology, data management, information creation and analytics to deliver the best customer experience to the people we serve.

Our DAIT strategic initiatives

In line with our definition of DAIT, the challenges we face and the known expectations of our health and care systems partners, we have defined five strategic initiatives to drive forward our strategy.

  1. Develop our Public-Facing Digital Services
  2. Develop our Population Health Management capability, aligned with powerful analytics and intelligence to support all initiatives
  3. Complete the digitisation of providers by 2024
  4. Develop a single summary health and care record and supported workflows, by interoperability of our health and care data and systems
  5. Improve the digital literacy of the workforce, the capability and capacity of our digital and informatics specialists, and develop our culture, investment and governance.