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Our partners

We are striving for greater collaboration between health, social care, voluntary and IT providers across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. By working together to join up care and data, we will improve the effectiveness of information sharing between health and social care providers to transform the quality of care received by patients, their families and carers.

Our role is to coordinate the delivery of the Digital Notts programme by providing a clear decision-making structure and framework for all the organisations involved. Our plans, targets and priorities are agreed by the two health and wellbeing boards for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Supporting this is a programme board, a number of leadership and implementation groups and a programme management team. However, the majority of our work is achieved by working with service users and patients – and the experts and professionals in each of our partner organisations.

Together, we serve a diverse population of over 1 million people living in the City of Nottingham (332,000) and Nottinghamshire County (764,700). This does not include the residents of Bassetlaw as they are part of the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw health and care system.