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Our approach

How we deliver a successful strategy


Clear Expectations


Sustainable Delivery


Good Governance


Invested People


Active ICS & Board Support

• A Digital Health & Care People Senate will ensure everyone involved in the ICS; whether the general population, people using services, people providing health and care services or people delivering technologies; will be able to shape those services and have a personal investment in their success.
• All ICS organisations will have executive level champions committed to the collaborative digital agenda as a Senior Responsible Owner for their organisation with authority to make collaborative decisions.

• All strategies for health and care delivery across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire will include a ‘Digital First’ perspective.


Long-term Resource Investment


Strong Benefits Management

• Done in the right way; investment in modern and secure technology, improves care, increases productivity, reduces the burden on our workforce, releases more time to care, helps manage demand by enabling care to take place in the right setting, and improves patient experience.
• DAIT is a key enabler of the five-year strategic plan and the system operational plan. Resources will be reviewed (capital & revenue) to ensure appropriate levels of investment in technology to maximise the use of modern digitised technology in health and care services by 2024.

• We will robustly evaluate what we have done and what we said we would do, and publish it.
• The system will continue to work together to bid for NHS Targeted Transformational Funding to accelerate delivery.
• Recognising the financial challenges in both health and care services, a robust approach to benefits realisation is essential. The target return on investment will be at least 3x returns with a proportion re-invested for additional benefits.


Clear Programme Delivery


Commitment to Collaboration

• The system-wide stakeholder board (DAIT) will have three key roles for the health and care system;

  • system partnership and decision making
  • strategic direction
  • oversight and assurance (programme implementation)

System-level digital transformation projects will be delivered through the Digital Health & Care Collaborative, for example PFDS, Digital inclusion, Capacity & Flow and the health and care community portal known as the Ecosystem Platform (ESP). 

• A collaborative approach for system data, analytics and information will be set up; building on the learning from the Nottinghamshire Health & Care Data Cell established as part of the COVID-19 response.

• The DAIT Strategy and its associated work programmes, will be delivered through professionally managed programmes of work to ensure progress towards our goals.

• A robust business case process will underpin any investment.

• Escalation mechanisms will be in place through the system-wide stakeholder board; and ultimately the ICS Board for resolution. 

• The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Digital Charter Agreement is the agreed set of overarching principles, responsibilities and behaviours common to all digital initiatives and projects.

Our route to success

Our plan for delivering outstanding
digital health and care 

How we will deliver a successful digital health and care strategy

Striving for greater collaboration
between all sectors in our region