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The Notts Care Record

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
for Practitioners

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below offer detailed insights into the Notts Care Record, addressing common questions for health and care practitioners. It covers the system’s benefits, data security, access protocols, and its role in improving coordinated care across the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS).

Are you a member of the public? Why not check out our FAQS for patients and service users

Clinical & Care Practitioners

Can I access this data? (For health and social care staff)

If you are involved in the delivery of direct care for patients and service users, please look out for local communications which will tell you when the Notts Care Record goes live in your organisation.  

Once their organisation has gone live, practitioners can easily access the Notts Care Record through a seamless contextual link within their regular records system. This means authorised staff do not need to search for the record or log in again. Only health and care staff involved in the delivery of direct care have access to the Notts Care Record. Each partner is responsible for managing their own user access. Your authorisation to access the complete Notts Care Record will be granted by your organisation because you’re directly involved in providing care to the patient or service user.

All users are only authorised to access records for people who are under their care in a professional context.

You can find out more on NHS England’s guide to Sharing information for direct care.

Can I access this data? (For people managing teams)

We would encourage you to familiarise yourself with the Notts Care Record and to think about how this enhanced data set can help your teams to better deliver direct care and improve outcomes for patients and service users.

We have worked closely with Information Governance teams across the Integrated Care System (ICS), and your Data Protection Officer has approved the Notts Care Record Information Governance documentation. This approval confirms that any staff member accessing data related to an individual patient or service user for the purpose of supporting direct health and social care is entitled to access the Notts Care Record through a contextual link within their standard “line of business” system. This access is granted because they are actively involved in providing direct care to the individual, and the additional data within the Notts Care Record can significantly enhance the quality of care provided. 

You can find out more on NHS England’s guide to Sharing information for direct care.

The Notts Care Record is organised into sections for quick and easy access, and all access to it is logged, allowing for tracking of patient/service user records accessed and the specific sections of the Notts Care Record viewed within them.

How will the Notts Care Record support my work as a provider of health and social care?

The Notts Care Record is designed to enhance your workflow by providing you with a consolidated view of a person’s recent health and care information, across organisational boundaries. This means you can make better, more informed decisions, work efficiently as part of an integrated care system, reduce redundant tasks, and improve care.

How complete is the Notts Care Record?

The Notts Care Record combines key pieces of data, provided by partners across the Integrated Care System (ICS) to provide an additional source of information to support professionals in their decision making. The record will launch with a core data set and we are committed to expanding the record over time to improve its features and the data available. We’ll keep you informed locally about these changes.

Our partners are committed to providing records dating back to at least January 1st, 2023. Some data items, such as diagnoses and mental health referrals, will have no time limit. Each entry in the Notts Care Record will show the date when the data was originally recorded in the partner’s IT system.  

Practitioners should never solely rely upon the Notts Care Record when providing care, as it is not guaranteed to contain all current or historical information. 

More information on current and future data sets and appropriate use of the Notts Care Record is available on our resources page. You can also sign up to our Digital Notts newsletter to receive more information on the Notts Care Record roll-out and future developments.

What training and support will be provided to help me effectively use the Notts Care Record?

We are working in partnership with your organisation to ensure users are informed about the Notts Care Record and have access to training and support. Our core training resources are available on our resources page or via the ‘help’ button in the NCR. 

Your organisation will have local plans in place to ensure you can effectively access and utilise the system. Your local service desk will be able to help with any issues you encounter when accessing or using the record. 

Why are there multiple tabs in the Notts Care Record?

The summary screen of the Notts Care Record holds our core data set, which is a collection of all the data items we receive directly from our system partners. The additional tabs in the Notts Care Record hold data which cannot be displayed in this format, either because they are received in a fixed format from a national source, or, as is the case with some of our eHealthscope/GP Repository for Clinical Care (GPRCC) data, because the data items do not fit into the pre-defined categories on the Summary Screen. This means that, for the time being, this data needs to be displayed on its own page. 

A video will be available on our Training page to show you how navigation of these different pages works in practice. In general, users are encouraged to check the panels on both the Summary Screen and the GP Data tab every time, as data such as diagnoses, allergies and medications is received from multiple sources, and held across both screens. Additionally, we would recommend that you check the SystmOne Non-GP tab, and the Diabetes, Frailty, End of Life and Care Co-ordinator Case Notes pages, found on the side bar, whenever those types of data are likely to be relevant to your activities.

Over time, we hope to be able to bring at least some of the data held in these additional data tabs into our core Summary Screen.

Will the Notts Care Record integrate with the record management system we currently use in our health or social care organisation?

Yes. The Notts Care Record team are working in partnership with your organisation to develop launch buttons in your home systems, ensuring a seamless transition directly to the shared record for the person whose record you are launching from.  You will receive information from your Comms and Digital teams on how to access the Notts Care Record once it is available to your organisation. 

Can I trust that the information in the Notts Care Record is accurate and up-to-date? How is data quality ensured?

The majority of data in the Notts Care Record is pulled directly from the source system, so will be as contemporary as the data held by the providing organisation. The rest of the data comes in overnight. 

By taking the information from source, without double-keying, the Notts Care Record allows you to see data as it appears in the electronic systems of the partner providing the data. Health and care professionals are encouraged to consistently maintain accuracy in their primary systems. This ensures that the information held in NCR remains accurate and up-to-date for everyone.

More information on our data feeds is available on our resources page or via the ‘help’ button in the Notts Care Record. 

What safeguards are in place to protect privacy and comply with data protection regulations when accessing Notts Care Record?

Robust privacy safeguards and strict compliance with data protection regulations are integral to Notts Care Record. Access to personal and sensitive data is strictly controlled, and data is encrypted in transit to protect privacy and confidentiality. All access is logged, so we can see which records and data items are being viewed by each user. Unauthorised access of any record will be subject to disciplinary action. As with any other electronic record, patient and service user information in the Notts Care Record is confidential.

Are there plans to expand Notts Care Record to cover neighbouring health and care systems in the future?

Absolutely. This is part of our future plans, and it will be implemented as the technology allows and as neighbouring health and care systems and partners are ready to share their data. 

Please sign up to our Digital Notts newsletter to receive more information on these future developments.

Can I make annotations or notes in a patient's Notts Care Record to provide additional context or insights?

Not usually. The Notts Care Record primarily operates in a ‘view-only’ mode and displays information from the care record systems of our partners. To update the core data set seen in the NCR, modifications must be made in the source system.

However, the Notts Care Record  will become the ICS solution for shared data that needs to be captured and stored in one central place. An example of this would be the creation of shared care plans, where no single partner “owns” the information and teams need to be able to collaborate on a holistic, personalised plan. Where this is the case, the process for capturing and accessing the information will be made clear to all relevant users.

What should I do if I encounter discrepancies or inaccuracies in a person's Notts Care Record during my clinical practice?

Please report any issues with the Notts Care Record to your servicedesk, who will inform the relevant people. Error messages will be displayed in the Notts Care Record for any issues already identified, for example if a partner’s data feed is unavailable..

More information is available on our resources page or via the ‘help’ button in the NCR. 

What measures are in place to address potential cybersecurity threats and ensure the security of Notts Care Record data?

We prioritise cybersecurity and employ robust security measures. Additionally, our suppliers test the software behind the Notts Care Record against a wide range of security and data governance standards, including:

How will Notts Care Record improve care coordination and collaboration among health and care partner organisations?

Notts Care Record promotes seamless collaboration by providing a shared platform for local health and care partner organisations. It enables efficient information sharing, reduces duplication of tests and procedures, and enhances patient outcomes through coordinated care. 

The Notts Care Record team will continue to work with partners to identify new ways for the Notts Care Record to support integrated care, right along a citizens’ care pathway.

How will the success and impact of Notts Care Record be measured and evaluated within the NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations?

Each partner will be assessing usage of the Notts Care Record within their organisation. Partners will be supported to capture and measure benefits. Data and case studies which show the impact of the Notts Care Record on our citizens will be shared internally by partners and across the Integrated Care System (ICS). 

You can sign up to the Digital Notts newsletter to be kept up-to-date on the impact of the Notts Care Record.

How can people in health and care actively contribute to the ongoing success and future development of the Notts Care Record?

We know access to the right data to do your job is really important to our health and care professionals. All colleagues can support the success of the Notts Care Record by using it in their day-to-day work, engaging with training materials and encouraging others to do the same.

If you would like to suggest ideas for improvements to the record, or have ideas for how it could be better utilised in your area, we’d recommend talking to your line manager or your local clinical or operational leads first. If you have local support for a development idea, please get in touch and we can discuss our submission and prioritisation process. 

You can also let us know if you are planning to use the Notts Care Record to enhance existing processes in your area – we are always keen to share a good new story!

For more information, explore the Notts Care Record. If you are a health or care practitioner, learn how to get started here.

Updated June 2024