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Digital social care records making a difference for all at Boughton Manor

Case Study Supporting the rollout Boughton Manor near Ollerton is a care home providing a specialist nursing service for older people with dementia and other complex health needs. Led by Kassee Bird, Manager at Boughton Manor, the home implemented a digital social care record in June 2023. Initially, the proposed introduction of the Digital Social […]

Mitigating the morning phone call rush with online consultations

This case study highlights the challenges faced by Rise Park with booking appointments during the 8am rush. By implementing online consultations (OCs), the same demand has been managed more efficiently within the practice, offering a better patient and staff working experience.

Using Secure Messaging about the Flu Vaccine

Secure Messaging NHS App

Objectives: Reduction in telephone calls Middleton Lodge wanted to reduce the number of telephone calls they needed to make to patients. By enabling the messaging functionality, GP practices were able to use the features as an alternative way to communicate key messages, like flu appointment reminders, reducing the number of calls they made to and […]

Mansfield Community and Voluntary Service

Introduction The importance of embedding Digital and Social Inclusion initiatives across health, care and community sectors has been recognised as a national priority for quite sometime. Since 2018, the Connected Nottinghamshire team has been working to tackle digital exclusion throughout Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s Integrated Care System, and it’s been an ongoing journey since first establishing […]

Switching the Prescription Phone Line to the NHS App during COVID-19

Removing Prescription Phone Line

Objective: Reduction in telephone calls When COVID-19 prevented patients from requesting repeat prescriptions in person at the GP practice, patients resorted to ordering by telephone. For some GP practices, this caused immense pressure on their already busy phone lines, with Derby Road Health Centre reporting that: “the volume received could not be sustained”. A new […]

Using Zoom for the first time

Case Study: Using Zoom for the first time

WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom – it’s safe to say video calling platforms are now the new ‘face to face’ normal for keeping in touch with friends, family and support networks. But, for those who don’t have the confidence or support to start using such technology, it can be a daunting task to begin […]

Dr Lewis turns to the NHS App for Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescription

How could the Notts NHS App help you? When going on holiday, an essential item that is packed is medication, which enables you to be able to continue functioning as normal until the unthinkable happens, you run out of your repeat prescription! This was the case for Dr Jeremy Lewis, an Acute Medicine Consultant at […]

A blueprint for a connected health and care system

Joining up care & information beyond Integrated Care Systems Patients Know Best & the NHS App Download as PDF A blueprint for a connected health and care system Connected Nottinghamshire Patients Know Best NHS Digital Background PKB-NHS App integration Summary In 2019, the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS) selected Patients Know Best and […]

Reducing Health Inequalities through Digital Inclusion

Reducing health inequalities 2

In a rapidly evolving digital world, digital services are becoming the default option for accessing public services, information, entertainment and each other. However, many people are still facing digital, social and health inequalities because they are unable to harness the benefits that digital and online services has to offer. Digital Notts is moving towards a […]