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Nottinghamshire’s ‘United Nations of Analytics’

United Nations of Analytics

Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System’s PHM Programme Director, Maria Principe and Executive Lead, Andy Haynes, discuss how bringing together the skills of data analysts from across the county is helping individual partners to see the wider health and care picture. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but it’s also a driver to implement existing good ideas […]

Population Health – there’s no place like PHM!

PHM Outcomes Blog

Population Health and Population Health Management. I’ve worked in the NHS for many, many years, and I’ve seen consistently the latest newest, shiniest strategies emerge that will improve our quality, standardise our resources, and deliver our savings…

Get by with a little help from our friends!

Population Health Management (PHM) is about segmenting and stratifying data to target interventions and reduce variation and inequalities. It sounds complicated right? So the first thing we do when something seems complicated is buy in a little help, because we don’t have the skills to do that detailed analytical work ourselves. Right…? Wrong! In Nottingham […]

The NHS uses tech to help during COVID

From virtual pubs and fancy dress parties, for some, the most elaborate plans for dinner parties also include regular exercise classes. These are just a few of the fun digital get-togethers that Eastwood Breathe Easy Group has enjoyed on Zoom calls since Coronavirus struck. Members are all aged over 70 and suffer from breathing conditions […]